About Us

BrainLiftingThe Kata Network consists of leaders in healthcare and beyond that are committed to practicing the Improvement Kata/Coaching Kata patterns, with the aim of spreading scientific skills, habits, and mindsets…one brain at a time!

We have no formal organizational structure, membership fees, etc.  This is a purely grassroots effort produced on a shoestring budget by a few passionate Kata geeks.

nurse and patient

The original members of the Kata Network include Mike Radtke and Bill Boyd of ThedaCare Health System, and Michael Lombard of Cornerstone Healthcare Group.  They’ve been practicing Kata together and experimenting with ways to spread Kata across healthcare since early 2015.

If you’d like to commit yourself to being the indispensable keystone of your learning organization by practicing Kata with us, please enroll in the Kata Network.  We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop on all emails, conference calls, and events that we organize.  Any and all skill levels of Kata are warmly welcome!

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